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Welcome to fyeahbellegoldthebeauty’s first “Why We Love Belle Week”.We want to celebrate our favourite Librarian, and for that, we ask for your help.Please send us an ask, telling us why you love Belle/ what you love about her and we will make a graphic, gifset, etc based on your reason.Of course you can also submit your own artwork.Anything is allowed, as long as it’s positive and tells us why we love Belle.Now, start sending or submitting.We look forward to your reason.

Happy National Read a Book Day!

The thing people can’t seem to see, is that just because you read about far off places, daring sword fights, magic spells or princes in disguise, while sitting on a chair, doesn’t mean you’re not ready to get up and live and breathe and take on the real world…

Have Book Will Travel
Patrick Girouard was assigned the task of creating the visuals for the 2013 Illinois Library Association’s iREAD® Summer reading project. The theme was “Have Book Will Travel” and here is his journey around the world. 
What a trip!
Girouard’s blog post on the project 

Beauty and the Beast OBC (1994)

 ❥❥¸¸.•*´¯`❥❥❥❥¸¸.•*´¯`❥❥´¯`•->Be mine 

the postcards i did last year making a crossover with tea and pop culture heros,And i love a lot of fandoms as well i’m working on the next serie of tea for this year. a lot of work but i love this ^^

Some pictures from DragonCon
If anyone knows that Rumple, please credit him! His costume was fantastic.
Dress by sixbluemarbles